June 4, 2008

Alicia Silverstone: Blonde, Denim & Grunge

I love going back to the early 90's, reminiscing about grunge era videos that I could finally appreciate 5 years too late as a blossoming teenager. It was a time when Calvin Klein defined the ultimate sexy and unbridled woman; she wore denim and it didn't matter what else on top. Janet in "Love Will Never Do" and Sheryl Crow in "Leaving Las Vegas" were struttin' it in the desert. Girls were saying fuck you, they were carefree, and grunge boys incessantly wrote songs about the unquenched love they had for honey's defiant behavior. In 1993 along came Alicia Silverstone who was cast in her first of 3 Aerosmith videos. Perhaps the answer to the "Blackeyed Blond" the Chili Peppers once sang about. She wore her denim well and ran while every guy chased her in "Cryin,'" "Crazy," and "Amazing." She sported boys jeans, flannel shirts, and one of those characteristically 90's silk flower mini dresses with Doc Martens. She wore dresses over blouses and a uniform plaid mini which would soon inspire an entire wardrobe for Cher Horowitz in Clueless. She embodied in 18 minutes of music video footage the rebelliousness and individuality a free-spirited blond could get away with provoking all the rock-n-roll boys to love her. Denim was a 'hey look at me, i can dress like a boy, be comfy and free' type of style. In "Cryin'," she flicks her cheating love interest off as she bungee jumps off a bridge. Today it's like, 'hey look at my J Brands, they're worth $300 and my hips don't show'. It's that who-gives-a-shit, brandless (okay CK and the Gap) all-American girl that we don't see much of anymore-putting holes in a pair of Seven's just doesn't make you badass. Hence the reason I loathe True Religions.

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