July 2, 2008

Givenchy Couture

On yet another mission, Riccardo Tisci borrows inspiration from Latin America to culture the unequivocally presumptuous walkways of Paris-he dedicates Givenchy fall couture 08 to a forthcoming trip to Peru. Historical Peru gave birth to the Incan Empire, a civilization founded upon great structure in their craftsmanship and exemplary of warrior ways. Tisci has adapted these two elements, in addition to the their artistic inclination toward geometric patterning. Givenchy as a label is the queen of guarding ladylike structure and outputting warrior-like women fated to sport confidence in such sharp, incredibly well-tailored pantsuits. Peru was a brazen choice that worked for Tisci. In fact it's rural homage recalls Julien MacDonald's 2004 Spring line that also boldly transformed peasantry into a high-society woman. Nature inspired tones of muddy browns, earthy olives, stormy grays and bone ivories dominate the collection. Fur pieces and heavy leather boots become an irony that unite the rugged Latin American terrain with haute couture. The natural force behind his monochromatic looks are difficult to pin point, but it is a beautiful contrast from the mud smeared pieces and wood chips that serve as a runway. Perhaps Tisci felt inclined to insert a ribbon of light for the sun-worshiping people who built and populated Machu Picchu. Nor does he fail to omit the signature black leather and lace.

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