September 27, 2007

Just Cavalli


Sexier, bolder, and more intent on appealing to the fashion forward, Just Cavalli is a stimulating collection that picks up Eva Duringer and Roberto Cavalli's slack from Roberto Cavalli. Spring '08 trends apparent in the collection include: hot pink, bright yellow, tailored uniform jackets, and ruffled blouses. Bold and colorful multiprints and patchwork pieces were inspired by a trip to Africa, according to Signature Cavalli touches include metallics, animal skins, super-short minis (this time embellished with feathers) and plunging blouses.

Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli has always succeeded with seductive designs that flaunt female sexuality, while keeping his overall image elegant. The past couple seasons he has subdued things with more frequency-there was not one trace of animal fur or leopard print this time, but leather fringe and sheer was as racy as it got. Even so, the empowered femme he desires to dress each season was softened a bit for Spring, giving her a touch of innocence. Silk gowns and chiffon layers dictated, but a couple of his fine tailored, masculine suits paired with neck scarves did show up. Gold and silver embellishments weren't left out either

September 26, 2007



Designers find inspiration in the strangest of places. Miuccia Prada could have been tripping on acid in a nighttime forest. The pieces in her collection are like mystical flowers brought to life. Striped and checkered stockings would be the stems, and the organza and tulle layers draped over them would be the petals. Images of fairies are printed on fabrics. If not that, she was visiting the psychedelic era that was the 60's (see bell bottoms and dizzying fabrics). You know it's Prada, because dark green, maroon, and mustard yellows are heavily visible. She doesn't exchange her love for viscose knit sweaters for Spring's incoming uniform/safari-esque coats. Despite the clashing patterns and hectic movements, outfits remain structured and form fitting; waists are well defined and high socks cover vacant leg room. Notes of Spring '08 trends include: gold accents; layered sheer fabrics such as organdy, tulle, and organza; two-tones and tri-color (see shoes), and cinched waists.

No One video

"people will try to divide something so real..there ain't no one who can get in the way of what i'm feelin"

Alicia Keys' "No One" is her first single off her As I Am album due out Nov 13. Alicia is the last to follow in the footsteps of Mariah and Whitney; passion and soul dominate her voice and lyrics, which pop divas and r&b singers lack these days. When's the last time you heard a song you had to play over and over finding it impossible to get sick of?

September 25, 2007


It's hippie meets glam; it's uniform prep meets tacky- Dolce & Gabbana follow New York and London's spring trend of taking two things that don't match and making them work. From left: 1) its like D&G throw a king's robe over a janitor's outfit. 2) Heavy, crinkled gold drowns a neat denim shirt. 3) three unlikely blues somehow come together to follow spring's neat, clean look. 4) A gold bandeau top is paired with a ruffled mini.

More of spring's styles are transparent here: ruffles neatly sewn on edges; tulled gowns; two bold colors paired; sheer; yellow.

D&G always incorporate animal skins & masculinity. 1) Safari-esque men's style leather jacket with fur mini skirt. 2)Heavy fur vest with mini skirt and men's leather belt. 3) collared shirt and sweater giving masculine style to a slip dress.