September 18, 2007

Betsey Johnson Show, 9/11

Live from the Betsey Johnson show:
She never fails to be quirky and creative. This year she brought prom queen Barbie to life in a show that grabbed inspiration for gowns from every decade since the 50's. A DJ spun dancefloor tunes that remixed Gwen and Cyndi with hip hop. The designer always manages to stay hip-front row guest stars included LL Cool J and Mya.

Empire wastes, frill, ruffles and bows, Betsey stays true to her girlie style. RedWhite&Blue pay homage to an all-American girl. The collection included a Miss America gown, and at the end of the show 4 models tore off their shirts to expose the letters V O T E.

Polka dots, cropped sleeved jackets, and tulle: the daringly shortened
skirts of the 60's are revived.

Her signature whimsical, flowing bouffant gowns fit for a princess.
Glitter, glitz, lame, and ribbon-
She includes dessert in her already indulgent collection.

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