September 25, 2007


It's hippie meets glam; it's uniform prep meets tacky- Dolce & Gabbana follow New York and London's spring trend of taking two things that don't match and making them work. From left: 1) its like D&G throw a king's robe over a janitor's outfit. 2) Heavy, crinkled gold drowns a neat denim shirt. 3) three unlikely blues somehow come together to follow spring's neat, clean look. 4) A gold bandeau top is paired with a ruffled mini.

More of spring's styles are transparent here: ruffles neatly sewn on edges; tulled gowns; two bold colors paired; sheer; yellow.

D&G always incorporate animal skins & masculinity. 1) Safari-esque men's style leather jacket with fur mini skirt. 2)Heavy fur vest with mini skirt and men's leather belt. 3) collared shirt and sweater giving masculine style to a slip dress.

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learti said...

Hello there, cool stuff. I think you should start showing some of the trends in mens fashion, such as the return of early 90's hip hop culture..

p.s. I have to pick up that JazzMatazz