February 27, 2008

Gucci Fall 2008

During her past few years at Gucci, I imagine Frida Giannini in the studio starting with basic black, brown, or gray looks, then adding neon, design, bold, or gold here (sometimes everywhere). Last season she splashed yellow on black-and-white, this season, she accessorized and patterned the hell out of very basic, pants with blouses, mini skirts, and long slim-cut dresses. The first two looks have a powerful and masculine presence, especially taking into consideration the gauntness of the models. Something an 18th century prince might wear? Or maybe the red and gold fabrics remind me of curtains from Versaille? The fringe boots, beach hair, minx coats, and overall relaxedness are oh so boho. Unfortunately, once Sienna Miller gets here paws on the collection it will officially become hippie chic. The gold is fantastic, reminiscing Gucci's early days and keeping the hippie for the rich.

February 18, 2008

Vivienne Westwood Red Lebel

Only Vivienne Westwood could harmonize an entire collection with athletic socks, plaid, and black lace-much of it built around her signature draped and pinned skirt. The new VW Red Label figure is an elegant tomboy; a bit slouch in fabrics that work around her body, or very lovely in lax trousers and heavy trenches, however you want to see it. Her work revives the 14-year-old spirit in ever woman that wants to play dress up. I love how she pairs fancy neck scarves with masculine blazers and uniform sweaters. She's polished much of the heap of fabric that hogpiled her models she presented for fall 07.