June 4, 2008

Karl Lagerfeld marries Fendi & Chanel resort with the 70's

At Chanel crisp, tailored jackets were offset by bell-bottoms and lots of sweaters-cropped, bell-sleeve, cable knit, ones with pockets and some for men. Funny considering the show was at a pool in South Beach. My favorite were the trio of funky pastel stripped swim suits (below), as well as super-casual dual toned denim (above) and a gorgeous ivory dress with a gaping hole that revealed a layer of red roses.

Layers and ruffles at Dior flowed like smooth wine. It was all very carnival costume-y like the couture collection, add a little bit of Palm Beach sophistication. I loved the flamencoesque blouses and the crazy green pairings. Unlike the elegant stringy necklaces at Chanel, jewels were chunks of emerald and tangerine. The most timeless piece was a sheer black a-line gown with rows of white lace trimmings (above).

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