March 4, 2008

Ludivine Sagnier: French Intervention

"Every time they ask me too much about nudity or being a sex bomb, I say something about Tinkerbell, in order to wash my sins away."

She's so damn innocently sexy and effervescent in her films, who knew she was almost 30 and with child? Rolling Stone likens her to a young Bardot. She's shed feathers for several films as well as French Playboy. Her perfect blonde locks once had an affair with the color red. In her American langauge debut Swimming Pool, she smokes like a chimney and chain-bangs random men with a pioneering passion, as all the French do. She plays a carefree blonde haunted by heavy familial baggage, a vulnerable role an American actress-say Scarlett Johansson-could never indulge in with such painlessness. But the images of her face splattered over the internet include a preppy ad campaign with her boyfriend for Miu Miu (below) and super adorable pics of her at Paris Fashion Week sitting next to Lilly Allen. If that's not cute, one of Pan's many Tinkerbells admits that her first celebrity crush was Stevie Wonder. Isn't she just lovely?

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