March 11, 2008

Givenchy's Black Roses

Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy conceived my absolute favorite collection for the fall 08 season. And it's easy to see, since I've been madly in love with Spanish culture since birth. Carrying the bloodline of Givenchy's Parisian Goth aesthetic, Riccardo Tisci has also adapted Latin American Influence of romantic and dark Catholic girls. For another, he uses matador-inspired cropped torreador jackets. Fitted over ruffles, blouses, and trousers, the jackets make an elegant woman look sharp and powerful. The woman is humorless. Black lace dresses flirt with seduction, yet hardly reveal innocent, church-going girls. An ex-collector of crosses and an avid one of gold chains, I love love the masses of gold crosses, they're so political-like when jesus was first sold out to become a fashion statement. Like when Lady Madonna suddenly became Madonna's "Like a Prayer" video. Very rarely would I ever say there is a deeper story behind a whimsical fashion collection, but there is some frustrated rebelliousness that Tisci picked up while abroad. I mean, look at the models, the majority has her hands in her pockets, and under several dark layers of eyeliner, they all look determined and pissed off.

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