October 5, 2007


Although it's impossible to deduce the inspiration behind Rei Kawakubo's clothes, that he walks to work everyday in Tokyo could've been a factor in his live anime-esque dolls that walked the runway in Paris. Comme de Garcons has shown excess ruffles, tailored menswear jackets with feminine tulle skirts, and pieces that duel with itself. As for spring 08, limits were pushed even further; the clothed models became walking contradictions. The shape of dresses and masculine coats were unflattering to the female form. The finale dresses look like paper dolls with their clothes pasted sloppily on their frontside. Some looks combined men's jackets, a print that could be the pajamas for a 7-year-old, and synthetic ruffled skirts-carrying the personality of an entire family. Was Kawakubo trying to make a statement or was this the work of someone who is bored with fashion? Perhaps New York designers-many of which can't escape playing it safe and catering to consumerism-should take a hint.

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