December 26, 2007

Lumber Gals

From left: coat: Kerry Buffalo@ Urban Outfitters, sweatshirt: Kiser@ Karmaloop online, jacket: Roxy

The last time I saw somebody sporting a plaid flannel was 2 years ago in Boston, when i ran into an old friend from Minnesota, who was donning a sloppy black and red one. I was with a friend from LA. We exchanged introductions and small talk, and after we parted ways my LA friend turned to me and blankly said: is that how all people from Minnesota dress. All the tractor-driving, redneck stereotypes i'd so vehemently attempted to denounce during my four years at school in Boston at that moment went to hell. I'd hidden my accent well, and brushed off hundreds of attacks every winter that claimed "i should be used to this mind-numbing cold beacuse I am from Minn-a-sooo-tah". I hate Fargo, no matter how many oscars it won. Nobody ever wanted to take a style hint from the land of (it's now 20,000, thanks) lakes, so why is Paul Bunyan's (the same guy that was the basis for the Mall of America's Log Ride) lumberjack look popping up everywhere?

From left: shorts: Patrizia Pepe@, vest: L.A.M.B., coat: Philip Lim 3.1

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